Weeping Willow Gate Installed

Weeping Willow Gate 1

Beth’s Gate Continued

Nick using the Little Giant Power Hammer to smooth and taper steel branches for the gate.

Little Giant Smoothing

Bending a branch with a bending fork in the vise.

Bending for Beth's Gate

One inch steel bar under the hammer.

Smoothing Close-up.

Keeping Track of all the parts:

Keeping Track of Parts, Beth's Gate

Beth’s Garden Gate Begun.

Parts being forged for Beth’s Garden Gate:

Beth's Gate Leaves

Here is the layout sketch for Beth’s Garden Gate:

Beth's Gate Layout

First Post, Artwork for the Cascade Middle School

We are finally nearing the end of the fabrication of four wall-mounted sculptures for the Cascade Middle School.

This one, the Bitter Cherry circle just needs Jean to make parts for the Spotted Towhee.  You can see the partially completed body of the Towhee tacked-in place  on a lower branch.

Bitter Cherry Progress Bg

Here Jean is filing some cheries before they were welded into the piece:

Jean Filing

Here is a color rendering of what the Bitter Cherry Circle will look like with paint on it, and with the Towhee completed.


The cheries were made by forging steel discs into little bowl-shaped parts:

Forging Cherries

These parts were welded together and then the welds were ground smooth.  There are some willow buds, being made the same way, in this photo as well:

Berries & Buds 2 copy

Here is Jean's color rendering of the Vine Maple Circle:


And here Nick is forging one of the large Vine-Maple leaves for this sculpture:

Nick Forging

In the shop we use scale drawings like this one to help assemble the sculptures.  Our work tables have matching grids marked out on them:

Working Half-Scale Drawing copy

Here is the Vine Maple Circle when it was half-way through the assembly process:

CMS Vine Maple Being Assembled

The Maple circle after all parts were assembled, hanging on the wall above the 1/2 scale drawing:

Maple Circle Done

Here is the color rendering of the Starflower circle:


Starflower parts, ready for assembly:

Starflower In Progress

A closer view of the Starflower parts:

Starflower In Parts

And the rendering of the Willow and Warbler circle:


Here is the Willow and Warbler Circle with the main branches all complete, about to be welded to the central stem:

CMS Willow and Warbler

And the same piece after all parts were welded in and the welds were ground and filed smooth:

Willow Circle Welded